PressTV-EU talks possible if UK parliament rejects Brexit: Germany

Germany’s foreign minister says that the European Union could begin new talks on Britain’s withdrawal from the bloc if a current divorce deal is rejected in the British parliament.

Heiko Maas said Tuesday that the EU could arrange further discussions on Brexit if the House of Commons, rejects Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal with the EU during a vote planned later in the day.

Mass, however, reiterated EU’s position that there would be no significant changes to the deal signed between May’s government and the bloc in November.

“If it goes wrong tonight, there could be further talks,” said Maas, adding, “The agreement stands, as it is. I doubt very much that the agreement can be fundamentally reopened. If there were a better solution, it would already have been put forward.”

The remarks came as Britain’s The Sun newspaper said May had reportedly managed to gain concessions from German Chancellor Angela Merkel over the…

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