PressTV-EU ready to compromise on Irish border

The European Union’s chief negotiator for the United Kingdom’s departure from the bloc has announced that Brussels is ready to compromise on the thorny issue of the Irish border to help the two sides avoid a so-called no-deal Brexit. 

“We are ready to improve the text of our proposal with the UK,” Michel Barnier said on Thursday in a major development in disputes regarding the future of the border between EU member Ireland and the UK province of Northern Ireland, according to the Daily Express.

The EU has already proposed that there should be a backstop mechanism for regulating trade and other issues on the border when Britain leaves the EU. The British government has rejected the idea saying Northern Ireland would be “annexed” if it is to remain in a common regulatory area for goods and customs with the rest of the EU, as it is proposed in the backstop plan.

EU Chief Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier (R) and Britain’s Secretary of…

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