PressTV-EU officials say UK’s Brexit proposal ‘unrealistic’

A draft document outlining Britain’s future relationship with the European Union after exiting the EU has already been dismissed as unrealistic by senior EU officials, who say the UK has no chance of changing the bloc’s founding principles.

The document, to be published on Friday, is set to propose the UK stays indefinitely in a single market for goods after Brexit.

But EU officials who have seen drafts of the long-awaited British white paper said the proposal would never be accepted.

White papers have no legal weight and do not become law themselves. Instead, they form the basis on which Parliament drafts a legislation.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May is gathering ministers on Friday for a one-day discussion to resolve the UK’s future relationship with the EU.

An EU source accused the UK of wanting to “have its cake and eat it.”

The insider said, “We read the white paper and we read ‘cake’,” a reference to UK foreign minister Boris…

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