PressTV-EU offers assurances to UK on Irish clause in Brexit deal

The European Union has told UK Prime Minister Theresa May that it stood by commitments to find ways to avoid triggering the controversial “Irish backstop” in their Brexit deal.

European Council President Donald Tusk and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker wrote a letter to May on Monday in which they set out assurances about the so-called Irish backstop.

The backstop agreement stipulates how the only land border between the two sides should be administered if Britain and the EU fail to reach a comprehensive trade deal by December 2020.

The EU letter came amid the deepest crisis in British politics for at least half a century, though there was little sign of a change of heart among rebel UK lawmakers.

Many lawmakers have criticized the backstop, saying the clause will allow the EU to indefinitely include the entire UK in its customs union without London having a say in rules and regulations adopted in Brussels.

May pulled…

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