PressTV-EU not likely to ‘take sides’ with China against Trump

The European Union (EU) is basically opposed to a joint stance with China against trade policies of the administration of US President Donald Trump, diplomatic sources say.

Five EU officials and diplomats said on Tuesday that Brussels had rejected the idea of allying with Beijing against Washington as well as issuing a joint statement against Trump’s trade policies in the upcoming Sino-European summit in China on July 16-17.

China has been the main target of Trump’s policy of introducing tariffs on key imports, including metals. The EU has failed to gain an exemption from the tariffs, which could badly hit its steel and aluminum industry. Both China and the EU have imposed their own tariffs on American imports but China wants a tougher international action that could persuade Trump to withdraw the tariffs and revise the protectionist trade policies.

The sources said China had proposed to launch joint action with the EU against the United…

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