PressTV-‘EU maneuvering to stop Britain exiting bloc’

The European Union (EU) is maneuvering to block Britain’s exit from the bloc, even though London is becoming more inclined towards a soft Brexit, says a political analyst.

Dr. Rodney Shakespeare made the remarks during an interview with press TV on Sunday, while discussing an opinion poll that indicated more Brits now wanted the country to stay in the EU.

While 51 percent of Britons prefer to keep European Union membership, 41 percent want to leave the bloc, according to the BMG Research poll of 1,400 people conducted for The Independent.

Shakespeare, however, dismissed the result as mere opinion polls that mostly involved so-called Remainers.

“The political position within the UK and in Parliament is coming to reflect a consensus of opinion in favor of a soft Brexit,” he said.

The EU, on the other hand, was against Brexit and would do its best to reverse the result of the June 2016 referendum, where 52 percent of UK voters opted to end…

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