PressTV-EU hard on Brexit as UK PM tours Europe

European Union leaders have reiterated their position on a divorce deal signed with the UK as British Prime Minister Theresa May visits European capitals to improve chances for ratification of the agreement in the British parliament.

May met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Tuesday hours after the German leader told members of her conservative parliamentary group that there was absolutely no chance for a renegotiation of the Brexit agreement which she and other EU leaders signed in Brussels last month. 

Merkel, however, said that the EU was ready to give May some assurances that the bloc would not interpret the exit treaty in a way that could harm Britain.

The trip came a day after May postponed a crunch parliamentary vote on her Brexit deal, saying she would try to receive reassurances from the EU so that the agreement could go through the parliament before Britain leaves the EU in March next year.

Before meeting Mekrel,…

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