PressTV-England local elections show mixed results

The leaders of the Labour Party and the Conservatives, Jeremy Corbyn and Prime Minister Theresa May, have both claimed success in England’s local council elections indicating neither party has decisively won the elections.

After a difficult period for a government that is divided over Brexit and recently suffered a high-profile resignation over an immigration scandal, the Conservatives lost control of five councils and gained control of four in elections held in towns and cities across England. Voting took place to fill more than 4,000 seats on 150 local councils in towns and cities across England, including all of London’s 32 boroughs. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland did not hold elections.

Labour also lost control of two local authorities, as it gained two others, a performance not strong enough to suggest it would garner a parliamentary majority if a general election were called.​ The leaders of both parties hailed the…

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