PressTV-Don’t work for Trump administration: Ex-CIA chief

Former US Central Intelligence Agency Director Michael Hayden says has advised American officials against working for the administration of Donald Trump because it “threatens” their personal credentials.

Speaking during a Yahoo podcast, the former spymaster said he found it difficult to watch top officials of his country try to defend Trump’s actions.

“The longer they were in the administration, the more their personal credentials were being threatened,” Hayden said. “At what point do you stop being a guard rail and become an enabler and a legitimizer?”

“We’ve had presidents who lie, who have argued with us, who have disagreed with our version of objective reality,” he added, without naming any heads of state.

He also said younger people who wanted to join the government under Trump should remember their “moral thresholds” and “take notes,” just like former FBI Director James Comey did.

“What we have is the…

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