PressTV-‘Declining morals fueling hate crimes in UK’

A decline in moral standards caused by British politicians, media and education system has led to a sharp rise in hate crimes across the UK, says a Muslim pundit in the UK.

Sayed-Mohammed Musawi, the Chairman of World Islamic league, made the remarks while discussing a new report that shows hateful behavior has reached unprecedented levels in the Greater Manchester area.

According to the Guardian report released Monday, more than a third of residents in Britain’s second-most populous urban area have been targeted with hate crimes because of their religion, race and ethnicity.

The report suggested that some 33 percent of respondents to a survey carried out in the city said they had experienced hate crime and some 16 percent said such experiences have been “frequent.”

Musawi blamed the dangerous trend on the political atmosphere “instigated by some political in the UK and mainly, in the United States.”

The media was also playing a…

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