PressTV-Critics urge Corbyn to clarify Press TV comments

An anti-Semitism row within the British Labour Party has deepened as critics of party chief Jeremy Corbyn seize on comments he made to the Press TV six years ago, saying they reflected the anti-Semite feelings of the Labour leader.

Pro-Israeli lobbyists called on Corbyn on Sunday to explain about comments he made in the interview with the news channel in 2012 about Israel’s alleged role in the massacre of 16 Egyptian police officers that year.

Corbyn said in the interview that it was in no one but Israel’s interest to sabotage the close relations between the then Egyptian government and the Palestinians.

“I’m very concerned about it [the massacre] and you have to look at the big picture: in whose interests is it to destabilise the new government in Egypt? In whose interest is it to kill Egyptians, other than Israel, concerned at the growing closeness of relationship between Palestine and the new Egyptian government?” said Corbyn…

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