PressTV-Corbyn to back customs union with EU after Brexit

British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn says his party will campaign to keep the United Kingdom inside a customs union with the European Union (EU) after Brexit, describing the move as necessary for trade and the prevention of a hard border in Northern Ireland.

Corbyn made the comments in London during a speech to the EEF Manufacturers’ Organization – an association for engineering and technology-based businesses in the UK – on Tuesday, suggesting further shift by the UK’s opposition party towards a softer Brexit.

“We have to have access to European markets, we have to have a customs union that makes sure we can continue that trade, particularly between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. That is key to it,” he said, when asked how Labour’s position on Brexit differed to that of the Conservative government.

“Being a member of the single market is automatic if you’re a member of the EU. If we’re not in the EU, we’re…

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