PressTV-Corbyn corners May with Labour Brexit plan

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has piled more pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May by laying out a Brexit plan that he says would take Britain out of the European Union (EU) while keeping tariff-free access to the bloc’s markets.

Corbyn said on Monday that he supports establishing a new customs union deal with the EU after Brexit, a move that is expected to give a tough challenge to May and maybe even cause a major defeat for the Tory PM at the parliament.

May has ruled out any customs union deal with the EU after Brexit, arguing that it would keep London from striking new trade deals with fast-growing economies like China and India.

However, she has been struggling to unite her cabinet and offer a clear path to the divorce by its October deadline. She is also facing a rebellion by a small group of pro-Europeans inside the ruling Conservative Party.

Corbyn hopes to use the division to undermine May’s authority and get the chance to…

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