PressTV-China is out-negotiating Trump on trade: Rubio

US Republican Senator and former presidential candidate Marco Rubio has said that China appeared to be “out-negotiating” the administration of President Donald Trump and winning the trade talks.

In a message on his Twitter on Tuesday, Rubio argued that Beijing had secured concessions from the United States “without giving up anything meaningful in return.”

“Sadly #China is out-negotiating the administration & winning the trade talks right now,” Rubio tweeted. “They have avoided tariffs & got a #ZTE deal without giving up anything meaningful in return by using N.Korea talks & agriculture issues as leverage. This is #NotWinning.”

The Trump administration has decided not to impose tariffs of $150 billion in Chinese products, after China promised it would buy more American agricultural and energy products.

On Sunday, Beijing and Washington said they had agreed stop imposing heavy tariffs as punitive measures against each other in a bid to push…

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