PressTV-‘Chances of no-deal Brexit increasing by the day’

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has warned that chances of his country leaving the European Union without a deal — a scenario known as the no-deal Brexit — are increasing by the day, calling on European powers France and Germany to push the EU toward a deal that could guarantee the interests of both London and Brussels.

“The probability of No Deal is increasing by the day until we see a change of approach from the European Commission who have this view that they just need to wait and Britain will blink,” said Hunt in an interview to the Evening Standard newspaper published on Tuesday.

 Hunt said that Germany and France had a role to play to prevent the EU from imposing its approach on Britain during the final phases of Brexit negotiations, saying a no-deal Brexit would harm both Britain and the EU.

“France and Germany have to send a strong signal to the Commission that we need to negotiate a pragmatic and sensible outcome that…

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