PressTV-Brexit bill will leave human rights deficit in UK: Report

The British government’s European Union withdrawal bill will create a human rights deficit in the country, leaving many different groups in society without adequate protection, UK rights organizations have warned.

The rights groups, including Equality and Human Right Commission (EHRC) and Amnesty International, issued the warning in a joint letter published in British Daily, The Observer.

The organizations expressed profound concerns that a raft of rights will be discarded with no adequate replacement once the bill becomes law and the UK leaves the EU.

The Brexit bill “will not protect people’s rights in the UK as the government promised,” they say in the letter. “This is in large part because the bill removes the EU charter of fundamental rights from our law.”

“The government has promised there will be no rowing back on people’s rights after Brexit. If we lose the charter protections, that promise will be broken. It will…

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