PressTV-Brexit backstop can trap UK indefinitely: Report

A UK government document on legal aspects of a European Union withdrawal agreement shows the so-called backstop clause of the Brexit deal could trap Britain in years of negotiations with the EU after Brexit.

The legal advice published on Wednesday, after the parliament forced the government to do so, showed that the backstop, meant to avoid a hard border between Ireland and UK province of Northern Ireland after Brexit, could lead to “protracted and repeated rounds of negotiations” after Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May had refused to release details of the legal advice compiled by attorney general Geoffrey Cox, saying it would not be in the interests of the public to access the full document.

However, the main opposition Labour Party won a motion on Tuesday which sought to show whether the government had been in contempt of the House of Commons by refusing to publish the text.

The Labour insisted it was…

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