PressTV-Big US thinktank refuses to accept UAE funding: Report

One of the most prominent thinktanks in the United States has reportedly announced that it no longer accepts funding from the “anti-democratic government” of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which is the most significant ally of Saudi Arabia in a Saudi-led brutal war against impoverished Yemen.

The Washington-based Center for American Progress (CAP), a public policy research and advocacy organization with a declared goal of presenting a liberal viewpoint on economic and social issues, further said it sought to distinguish itself from the “authoritarian regimes” around the globe, the UAE included, with which US President Donald Trump’s administration has developed a close bond, The Guardian newspaper said in a report on Friday.

“With a rising undemocratic tide around the world, and serious questions about which side of that struggle our own president stands on, it seemed clear that all Americans should take extra steps and leave no…

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