PressTV-Bannon works to elect right wingers to EU Parliament

US President Donald Trump’s former political strategist, Steve Bannon, has set up a movement to elect right-wing nationalist and populist members in European Parliament elections in May.

Bannon told German broadcaster RTL in an interview that he plans to work with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban—a right-wing nationalist– in the run-up to European Parliament elections next year.

Bannon, a former chairman of the right-wing news website and an architect of Trump’s 2016 presidential election victory, said he has already visited Budapest a couple of times and met Orban and his aides.

Orban has welcomed the idea of Bannon’s group, called The Movement, saying it was time that someone from the United States came to Europe to spread conservative thinking instead of liberal values.

“John McLaughlin who is my pollster in the United States is going to run this overall polling effort in Europe, he is also the pollster for…

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