PressTV-Arrests in London climate protest top 750

Police in the British capital London have been forced to call reinforcements from other areas in the country as arrests from six days of climate protests in the city reaches to more than 750 people.

The Metropolitan Police (the Met) said on Saturday that more than 200 officers had to be called from South East England to help forces police protests by climate activists who have brought part of the capital to a standstill since the action began on Monday.

Some 28 people have been formally charged with disrupting the public order. The Met said those released under investigation “will be brought back to be formally interviewed and charged as appropriate in due course”.

Scotland Yard, the police unit which deals with crimes, said they had asked for a “protest removal team” and several “basic deployment units” that would provide support to the officers in London policing the noisy protesters.

Six days of the protests led by…

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