PressTV-Anti-monarchists demand end to UK monarchy

A group of anti-monarchists have gathered in London to demand an end to the monarchy in the UK as the royal wedding took place between Prince Harry and US actress Meghan Markle.

Around 130 people on Saturday attended the International Republican Convention, hosted by Republic, a group that has long campaigned for an elected head of state in the UK.

Representatives of republican groups in Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom delivered speeches at the event.

The monarchy “carries on an elitism that is so unfair,” said Irene Pinner.

“They [the royal family] don’t represent me,” added Pinner, who had travelled from Dorking, just outside London, to attend the convention.

David Hurst, a former British soldier who once swore an oath of allegiance to the Queen, spoke of the royal system, saying, “It’s just so outdated … people in this country look on the Queen as a higher being.”

According to Republic, the convention’s…

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