PressTV-Airbus in ‘great difficulty’ if transition deal fails

Airbus will be in “great difficulty” if the plane-maker firm fails to get a transition agreement over the UK’s divorce from the European Union (EU), says an academic in London, after aviation giant threatened that it could leave the United Kingdom after the country exits the bloc.

“Airbus is in a situation where if it does not get a transition agreement, it will be in great difficulty,” Dr. Rodney Shakespeare, a university professor in London, said in an interview with Press TV on Friday.

“Airbus is already in some difficulty losing its trade with Iran as a result of America and it doesn’t want to lose its cooperation and indeed possibly its manufacturing connections with Europe,” he added.

Shakespeare also noted that as the transition agreement is an immediate period of two years, Airbus will have to be moving quickly to address a difficult and uncertain situation.

The firm called on the UK to extend the planned…

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