PressTV-Afghans angrily reject Blackwater plan to privatize war

The Afghan government has denounced as ‘destructive and divisive’ a proposal by Erik Prince, the founder of private military contractor Blackwater, to privatize the 17-year-old war in the Asian country.

“In no manner does the government of Afghanistan condone this destructive and divisive debate,” a statement from the Afghan Office of the National Security Council (NSC) said on Thursday.

The statement said the Afghan government and people would never “allow the counter-terrorism fight to become a private, for-profit business.”

It further said that the addition of “new foreign and unaccountable elements” would undermine the right to self-determination of the Afghan people.  

“Afghan security and defense forces, under the framework of all applicable laws of the country, have the primary responsibility and authority for safeguarding the noble values of Islam, our national sovereignty, and the independence and territorial…

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