PressTV-Activists protest UK homelessness amid royal wedding

Over 1,000 protesters are expected to arrive in the city of Windsor on the eve of the UK royal wedding to take part in a rally aimed at raising awareness of homelessness in Britain.

Those taking part in the ‘Royal Sleepover’ will lie in the streets with sleeping bags as tens of thousands of visitors from Britain and abroad prepare to celebrate Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle.

Recent reports of police removing belongings from homeless people near Windsor Castle, where the ceremony will be held, have sparked criticism, with many on social media calling the approach “shameful.”

Police Superintendent Jim Weems claimed the storage of belongings was “entirely voluntary” and designed “to ensure the safety of the homeless community.”

The Windsor homeless population controversy made national headlines in January when Windsor city council leader Simon Dudley warned beggars and homeless could paint the town in a “sadly…

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