PressTV-‘58% in US disapprove of Trump’s Russia approach’

More than half of American voters disapprove of the way US President Donald Trump is dealing with Russia, according a to new poll conducted in the wake of his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland.

According to the Harvard CAPS/Harris poll released to The Hill on Thursday, 58 percent disapproved and 42 percent approved Trump’s performance in handling Moscow.

Forty-two percent of the voters said Trump appeared “strong” alongside the Russian leader in Helsinki while 59 percent believed that he appeared “weak.”

Only 9 percent said that Trump benefitted more from the summit, more than the 47 percent who said that Putin gained the most.

At a press conference following the recent summit in the Finnish capital, Trump backed the Russian leader’s denial of alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election despite the American intelligence community’s assessment.

The poll showed that 57 percent believed Trump should…

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