PressTV-50 Tory MPs ready to stop May’s no-deal Brexit

More than 50 Members of Parliament from the ruling Conservative Party are ready to rebel against Prime Minister Theresa May in case she decides to pull the UK out of the European Union (EU) without striking a deal.

A former cabinet minister told The Independent on Sunday that the Tories would thwart the PM if she decides to push ahead with of a “no deal” Brexit in case EU talks fail.

“There are at least 50 Conservative MPs who would be prepared to vote to stop it happening, which would be more than enough to force the government to take notice,” the unnamed ex-minister vowed.

The warning comes amid growing concerns that May would insist on leaving without any agreement despite warnings by her own government officials about potential food and medicine shortages and huge tailbacks at the UK’s borders.

Earlier this month, she was able to talk her way past a Tory revolt in the parliament that sought a “meaningful vote” to block…

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