PressTV-2 men wrongly stripped of British citizenship: UK court

A UK court has ruled that two men from Bangladeshi backgrounds, who were stripped of their citizenship by the British government, must have their nationality rights restored.

The Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) said that the British government had wrongly determined that the two men, who are identified only as E3 and N3 to protect their identities, were British-Bangladeshi dual nationals and could therefore be served with citizenship revocation orders.

One of the two men was born in Bangladesh and the other was born in the UK, but the court ruled that both had lost their Bangladeshi citizenship when they were 21, and had never taken any positive action to keep it.

The SIAC ruling could have legal implications for many more cases involving British citizens who have been subjected to the highly controversial and legally contentious citizenship deprivation orders in recent years, because of government concerns about the threat of…

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