PressTV-1000s march in Glasgow for Scottish independence

Tens of thousands of people have taken to streets to attend marches in Galsgow to demand independence for Scotland.

There were an estimated 35,000 at the procession which began at Kelvingrove Park on Saturday morning and ended with a rally on Glasgow Green.

The event was one of a series being held across Scotland by All Under One Banner which describes itself as a “pro-independence organization whose core aim is to march at regular intervals until Scotland is free.”

Pro-independence demonstrators (L) shout slogans as police stand in front of anti-independence supporters during a march in support of Scottish independence through the streets of Glasgow, on May 5, 2018.  (Photo by AFP)

Coordinator Neil Mackay said, “The purpose is to grow the movement, to galvanize us and bring more people on board, and to give as good a representation of the movement as we can.”

“As far as we’re all concerned there will be another independence referendum, and…

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