PressTV-‘10,000 US soldiers to die in first days of N Korea war’

US military chiefs have reportedly warned that a war with North Korea could result in the death or injury of around 10,000 American soldiers in just the opening days, with the number far exceeding the total 7,000 killed in fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The revelation emerged on Thursday after top military leaders in the United States attended a classified gathering in Hawaii to raise their concerns and discuss various scenarios that would arise in the early stages of a prospective US-North Korea conflict.

Pentagon officials in the meeting, led by Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley and US Special Operations Commander General Raymond Thomas, claimed that the opening days of the full-scale war with North Korea would be “catastrophic.”

Based on calculations, 10,000 US soldiers would be killed or injured in those first few days along with hundreds of thousands of civilians on the Korean Peninsula, according to Milley.

“The brutality…

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