PressTV-1 in 5 disabled Britons have their rights violated: Report

One in five people in Britain are suffering from a violation of their rights because they are disabled, according to a government-backed report.

The results of the report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), published on Sunday, showed that around 14 million Britons with disabilities, roughly a fifth of the UK population, have suffered from erosion of their rights.

The study, which reported its findings to the United Nations committee on disability rights, said that there was “deeply concerning” evidence showing that the situation of the disabled people across the UK is getting worse despite government pledges to improve their conditions.

“More and more disabled people are finding it difficult to live independently and be included, and participate, in their communities on an equal basis,” said the report.

Britain had become a country where more disabled people live in poverty than non-disabled people, the report…

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