PressTV-1 in 3 Americans say US civil war likely soon: Poll

About a third of US voters believe another civil war might be fought in the United States within a few years due to political violence and immigration issues, a new survey shows.

The poll by Rasmussen Reports found 31 percent of those surveyed believe it’s “likely” that the United States will experience a second civil war sometime in the next five years, with 11 percent saying it’s “very likely.”

Some 28 percent of white respondents, 44 percent of African-Americans and 36 percent of other minorities were among those who expressed concern for civil war.

The poll also found that 59 percent of US voters are concerned opponents of President Donald Trump’s policies would resort to violence.

Some 53 percent said they are worried violence will occur from critics of Trump’s news media coverage. About half of those surveyed blame Trump for his bad relationship with the news media.

Voters are also more distrustful of the political news they…

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