PressTV-​​​​​​​Facebook restores previously banned ‘Russia-linked’ pages

Facebook has restored four popular pages related to Russia’s RT news channel after abruptly suspending them last week.

Facebook made the decision after the pages complied with the social media giant’s order to “disclose the affiliation of their Pages with its parent companies,” according to a Facebook spokesperson speaking to The Hill on Monday.

“The required information has now been added to the About section of these Pages to indicate their affiliation with RT and Ruptly so people can learn who’s behind the Pages they’re interacting with on Facebook,” said the spokesperson.

The Facebook pages of InTheNow, Soapbox, Back Then and Waste-Ed – were run by a Germany-based company named Maffick Media.

RT has reported the media company to be 51 percent owned by RT’s video agency Ruptly, with the other 49 percent belonging to Maffick CEO Anissa Naouai, an American journalist of Tunisian descent, who formerly worked as a reporter…

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