Politico Ran Laughably Fake Story On Alt-Right Voter Suppression

The alt-right seized national news with yet another phony story Wednesday, this time fooling Politico and causing administrative carnage across several voting jurisdictions.

Put flatly: Despite what Politico’s most popular Nov. 2 story might tell you, there is no insidious plan to suppress the black vote with 40 oz. beers and marijuana in areas around voting stations. Further, there is no actual evidence of the plan aside from anonymous musings emailed to Politico.

Like the bogus origins of Pepe the Neo Nazi, the charade was surprisingly easy to execute: An alt-right personality simply lied to a reporter who had a clear agenda, and the reporter in turn reported those lies as fact, albeit with a caveat that he couldn’t obtain independent verification.

Ben Schreckinger’s Wednesday story at Politico quickly inspired hysteria among the media and pundit class, breathlessly spreading across the web and causing a scramble among local officials to adequately man the election ramparts.

“I was pretty sure he knew it was bullshit,” Mike Enoch, owner of The Right Stuff (TRS), a main node of the alt-right, told TheDCNF. “But was then just going along with it for the fun of it, but it wasn’t until the sixth response that he sent that I realized he was going to go ahead and print this crap.” The alt-right is a relatively recent political ideology that has at its core the mission of preserving American culture and white identity.

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