Politico Columnist: No One Cares About Gun Victims, Unless They’re Republican

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June 17, 2017

Roger Simon, a columnist for Politico, made a heartless statement in a piece written for the Chicago Sun-Times. Though there are many victims of gun violence every day, Simon says people only care when the victims are Republican:

Getting shot is no big deal in America. About 309 people get shot every day in this country, and most get little attention from the media. Unless they happen to be a member of Congress. And wearing a bright red baseball uniform with the word “Republican” in big, flowing white letters on the front. In that case, getting shot becomes a very big deal.

How does Simon have time to watch all the news reports from all over America and still have time to write? Amazing!

But that wasn’t all he had to say in his piece. It was really an attack on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, even though he couldn’t resist the jab at guns and Republicans. His piece was titled “Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III champions a lost cause — Trump.” The middle name is in there so Simon could make a Confederacy reference via the namesake and remind us how the South fought for “lost causes,” too — a leftist tactic of always keeping “racism” at the front and center.

Simon said America has another thing coming if any of us believe Sessions will protect us as head of the Justice Department:

We have more than 900,000 full-time police officers to protect us. They rank from the humble but essential neighborhood cop to our chief law enforcement officer, the attorney general of the United States. And if you really believe the attorney general of the United States is out there trying to save you, I would suggest you move to Reykjavik.

“Well, Roger, if you really believe that, remember, it never hurts to lead by example!” quipped Kevin Baker at Newsbusters.

Hear, hear.

This article was posted: Saturday, June 17, 2017 at 6:31 am

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