Pentagon to send 3,750 troops to border with Mexico — RT USA News

The US is sending nearly 4,000 soldiers to its frontier with Mexico for three months to “provide additional support” to border security and customs agencies, the Department of Defense has said.

The new deployment will bolster the numbers of active duty forces at the border to “approximately” 4,350, it added.

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The additional forces are said to be deployed for 90 days, yet a “mobile surveillance capability” will be provided until the end of September, according to the Pentagon. The forces are set to construct new barriers at the border, namely some 150 miles (241km) of barbed wire.

The deployment was approved by Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan back on January 11, according to the statement. 

Active-duty soldiers were first deployed to the southeastern border last October, as a couple of large migrant caravans tried to move into the US through Mexico. The move came just ahead of the midterm elections and was lambasted by Trump’s critics as a publicity stunt.

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The initial deployment saw almost 6,000 soldiers moved to the border, yet the majority of them have returned back to their bases since then.

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Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.