Pentagon contractor found guilty of child sex trafficking

A former Pentagon contractor—already serving 10 years in prison on an espionage conviction—has been found guilty of underage sex trafficking, while he was working as a computer expert for the US Department of Defense.

Christopher Glenn was convicted of exploiting local teenage girls for sex, while he was working at a Pentagon’s air base in Honduras, in 2010 and from 2012 to 2014.

He was convicted on eight of 10 charges, including sex trafficking.

The US Attorney’s Office said that Glenn used his time in the Central American country to recruit and sexually exploit 13-16 year-old girls. He targeted girls from poor and rural villages to work for him as housekeepers.

He sexually assaulted the girls and in some instances, he forced the victims to take what he called “vitamins” that caused them to “black out,” the attorney’s office said.

At a hearing set for mid-May, Glenn could face a mandatory prison sentence of 15 years and potentially up…

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