Passports To Citizens Denied More Under Obama Than Trump

Zero Hedge
September 1, 2018

The Washington Post reported a terrifying immigration-related trend developing on the Mexico–United States border: the U.S. State Department denied passports to US citizens of Hispanic descent, leaving them in a state of confusion, as their rights as a citizen were revoked, including the ability to travel abroad.

The Post said that hundreds – if not thousands – of people with US birth certificates delivered by midwives on US border states have recently found themselves trapped on the Mexican border or stuck in the US, as their passports were suddenly, without much notice, revoked or their applications denied.

Sounds terrifying…

However, as The Daily Caller’s Mike Brest reports, the State Department is pushing back on the WaPo article, denying their claimsthat the number of American citizens living near the southern border area being denied renewal passports is rising under Trump.

Midwives and physicians located near the border in Mexico have given families fraudulent birth certificates to prove American citizenship for decades in exchange for money. WaPo’s article focused on the people in America who applied for renewed passports but were denied because the government believed their birth certificates were from one of these midwives.

The Post’s piece claimed that “The Trump administration is accusing hundreds, and possibly thousands of Hispanics along the border of using fraudulent birth certificates since they were babies, and it is undertaking a widespread crackdown.”

However, that is not true, according to the State Department. In fact, the number of domestic passport denials at the southern border is at a six-year low and the number of midwife cases has gone down under the current administration.

Further, the 2015 calendar year had more renewal denials at the border than any year in that timeframe with approximately 1,500. That…

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