Oxford Union panel speaker Heather Marsh confirms debate was censored to protect CIA


Oxford Union panel speaker Heather Marsh confirms debate was censored to protect CIA

Zach Reed

30 May 2018

On May 25, the World Socialist Web Site reported on an anonymous email it had received that alleged that a debate held in February at the Oxford Union: “Whistleblowing: exposing injustices or undermining institutions?” had been censored.

The censorship was said to have been carried out to suppress remarks made by panellist Heather Marsh against David Shedd, a former CIA operative. The WSWS had no way of independently verifying this, other than the lack of any trace of transcripts or audio/video recordings. It is normal practice for the Oxford Union to upload recordings of all debates to YouTube.

Marsh, a human rights activist and administrator of WikiLeaks Central between 2010 and 2012, has now responded to an inquiry sent by the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (IYSSE), confirming that the entire debate was censored.

In her email, Marsh states, “You are correct that the panel was censored, in breach of the contract Oxford Union offered to its speakers and despite YouTube release forms being signed by all involved.”

Marsh continues: “Journalists were also ignored and given a very disrespectful and inconsiderate runaround by the Oxford Union committee, despite journalists’ labour being the exchange they are offering as their part of the contractual agreement.”

She also sent the WSWS a transcript of her contribution.

Marsh began the February debate by declaring, “My focus has always been human rights and horizontal governance. Of the human rights atrocities I have worked to expose, a very large number are associated with David Shedd and the organizations and allies he represents.”

She told the audience of Canadian citizen, “Omar…

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