One in 8 UK militants prosecuted after returning from Syria, Iraq

Only one of eight British militants who have fought along terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq have faced prosecution after they return to the UK.

Richard Keen, a Home Office spokesman in the House of Lords, said that Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has only prosecuted 35 cases that involved 54 British nationals accused of joining Takfiri groups in the two Arab countries.

Lord Keen further noted that 13 cases that involves 30 militants are ongoing and that Northern Ireland’s Public Prosecution Service was also dealing with a British national who traveled to Syria and fought along militants there and then returned.

Some 400 British citizens have reportedly traveled abroad since 2012 to join militant groups such as Daesh Takfiri group and al-Qaeda-affiliated ones and then moved back to the UK.

British authorities also said that at least 800 UK nationals have traveled to Syria and Iraq to support or fight alongside the Takfiri terror groups operating…

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