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If the Obamacare individual mandate isn’t a tax – and the IRS has no lawful power to collect it as a tax – then why did I receive a threatening letter from the IRS claiming very much otherwise?

The letter states that I “have an unpaid shared responsibility payment” of $695 that is owed – imagine that! – because I did not sign up for Obamacare or otherwise send money to the health insurance mafia. The mafia which succeeded in hiring the federal government as its Luca Brasi – its enforcer – to threaten and bully people into buying insurance.

This is an important distinction. Insurance is just a policy; it is not medical care. It means the insurance mafia may pay some of the cost of medical care, some of the time. But you will pay for the insurance all of the time. This is why the insurance mafia is a mafia.

Mafias use force against unwilling victims, to line their pockets. They will claim it’s for “protection” – a synonym for “coverage.”

Obamacare is doubly outrageous for this reason. Bad enough that this country has slipped so far away from the idea that government exists to keep the peace and toward the idea that it is our Mommy, from which we are never to be emancipated – like Down Syndrome children.

But it is a far worse thing that our liberty and our money have been taken from us for the financial gain of private business. Socialized medicine is objectionable on many grounds but at least in countries where it exists, the profit element is removed.

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In this country, it is all about profit – at gunpoint. You are, after all, not being asked. Because you are not free to say no.


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