Obama’s lawyers team up to prevent Trump from breaking ethics rules


A number of top lawyers from the administration of former US President Barack Obama have joined forces to prevent Obama’s successor Donald Trump from “declining into authoritarianism.”

Dubbed United to Protect Democracy, the organization has already put together a $1.5 million operating budget and hired five staffers, a number it plans to double over the coming months, Politico reported on Thursday.

“When people hear concerns about democracies declining into authoritarianism, they expect that moment to come in a singular thunderclap where everyone can see that this is the time,” said Ian Bassin, the organization’s leader.

“In reality, often times, democracies decline over a period of years that happen through a series of much smaller steps. We need an organization that is specifically and holistically focused on that worst-case scenario,” he added.

The group has borrowed its name from a line in Obama’s farewell speech, where he urged his…

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