Obama under pressure to prove Russian hacking


The outgoing administration of US President Barack Obama is under extreme pressure to release evidence confirming allegations of cyber attacks by Russia to influence the presidential election before leaving office.

The Obama administration has only provided little documentation to support its official assessment in October that Moscow was attempting to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.

The White House has also failed to confirm subsequent leaks from anonymous officials contending that the CIA believes Moscow’s interference was an attempt by Russian President Vladimir Putin to help President-elect Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton.

Obama has ordered the intelligence community to conduct a full review of alleged hacking by the Russians before he leaves office on January 20.

The White House has said it will make as much of the report public as it can. But officials have warned that the document will contain “highly sensitive and classified…

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  • Vlad TheSkewerer

    I prefer to focus on the content of the emails and not who released them. And I am sure if a couple of eastern European cab drivers can hack into the DNC and Clintons illegal server and Podesta’s account where the password is password then sure, every intell outfit and yahoo with a laptop can walk in and rummage around. You can hack a voting machine, I saw a guy throw Pac Man up on one, but you have to be in the room, you can’t do it from Moscow or St Petersburg ;)

  • thelastvoice

    Just more fake news.

  • legal eagle

    Obambam claimed it, it is therefore up to him to show real, corroborative evidence. Lack of said real evidence is proof of dishonesty ( he lied) which has been a hallmark of the Democratic method for years. Lie your head off hoping some liberals are stupid enough to swallow the swallop, and on cue the corporate media lead the charge without so much as cursory fact checking.
    At least we, and the world, are all getting to see their true colors. Bright move to publicly shoot yourself in the foot though.

  • Tom

    Trump’s meeting next week with “intelligence” [sic] agencies is going to be as much fun as his meeting with the MSM in Trump Tower after the election. He is going to demand that they put their cards on the table, and they don’t have any. “You’re fired!”

  • Mick McNulty

    Maybe Obama has realized if you’re going to lie it makes sense to create a scenario where you can fabricate evidence of it. In Iraq Bush could have planted WMD evidence but he was just too turd-dumb to do it, whereas Obama can’t plant digital evidence because it all leaves an e-trail.