Obama: Trump’s working-class support ‘frustrating’


US President Barack Obama has lashed out at Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s supporters, saying his popularity among working-class Americans is “frustrating.”

Addressing a rally in support of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton at Florida International University in Miami, on Thursday, Obama said the New York businessman was “born with a silver spoon” and nobody should believe his claims of being a friend of the middle class.

“He’s got support here in Florida; he’s got some support around the country,” Obama said. “The most frustrating thing is, some of his support is coming from working folks. This is a guy who spent 70 years, his whole life, born with a silver spoon, showing no respect for working people.”

“You don’t see him hanging out with working people, unless they’re cleaning his room or mowing the fairways on his golf club. You’re going to make this guy your champion if you’re a working person? Come…

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