Obama seeks to create chaos before Trump takes office: Analyst

US President Barack Obama is trying to create chaos on his way out of the White House in order to undermine the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump, says a political commentator in Washington.

Jmaes Jatras, a specialist in international relations, made the remarks while discussing outgoing US Vice President Joe Biden’s recent attacks against Russia.

Speaking only two days before Trump’s January 20 inauguration, Biden told hundreds of world leaders and businesspeople at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Swiss, that the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin was “the greatest” threat to international order.

“Under President Putin, Russia is working with every tool available to them to whittle away at the edges of the European project, test the fault lines of western nations and return to a politics defined by spheres of influence,” Biden said.

He further warned that Russia was planning to intervene in “the…

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