Obama presents theory why Clinton lost to Trump


US President Barack Obama believes Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton lost the November 8 presidential election to Donald Trump because of the Republican candidate’s successful campaign on social media.

Obama had been worried about cropping up of multiple pro-Trump fake news websites in the run-up to Election Day and spoken about it with his advisory team before the presidential election, The Independent reported on Friday.

According to reports, hundreds of invented articles had surfaced which promoted Trump and slandered Clinton.

According to David Remnick, the editor of The New Yorker, Obama’s team was concerned about the risks of these online fake news articles posed to Clinton’s chances of winning the White House.

Remnick said in the days before the election Obama held in-depth conversations with his aides, in which they discussed a new “media ecosystem” in which “facts and truth don’t matter”.

Obama had reportedly talked “obsessively” with…

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  • TellTheTruth-2

    She lost because they’re both crooks and we didn’t want a 3rd Obama style term.

  • Fred Freud

    January 20th cannot come soon enough, so we can get this tinpot dictator’s hands off the levers of power.
    I don’t want to come across as a religious fanatic, but multiple times a day, my wife and I say prayers for the protection of President Trump & the smiting of his, and thereby our, enemies. We are convinced that the fate of the USA is now tied to the fate of Trump. If his enemies win then our nation will lose.
    Trump and the American republic are locked in a battle with a communistic/ globalist/ Satanist cabal. This cabal may be the most evil thing ever unleashed on mankind. Fortunately, good is stronger than evil. But that doesn’t mean this fight will be easy.

    • Zone43

      Right on the button. Remember people the communist have killed many millions and they are not done yet.

  • Rev_Rock

    Not a Trump or Clinton voter here, but Obama is somewhat correct about phony news sites. However, I saw a few from the other ‘side’ too. But when you click to go to a news site, and the first thing that happens is that you get a pop-up asking if you support Trump, that should automatically tell you that the site is skewed in his favor. Same for Clinton. Sadly, most people don’t do research to see if what these sites is true.

  • legal eagle

    Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with her and her family being career criminals right? And now with the latest series of domestic terror sponsored by Soros and Clinton supported by Obama this is also irrelevant right? The Democratic party is done; anyone with half a brain can now see that this organization is nothing but a bunch of criminals. They can join the MSM in irrelevancy.