Obama admits US troops died in combat in Iraq


US President Barack Obama has acknowledged that three American troops who recently died in Iraq were killed in combat; despite claims that US forces deployed to Iraq and Syria are on a mission to support, train and equip local forces.

In an interview with the Stars and Stripes newspaper on Friday, Obama said that the three US servicemen, Charles Keating, Joshua Wheeler and Louis Cardin lost their lives in combat.

“These three men were killed in combat while they were supporting local forces in Iraq,” Obama said.

Keating was killed in May while Cardin was killed in March. Wheeler was killed in October 2015.

White House and Pentagon officials had formerly said that the soldiers were killed in combat, but this was the first time that Obama himself acknowledged the fact.

“As commander in chief, I’ve spoken as clearly as I can about our mission against the [Daesh] both what it is and what it is not,” Obama said. “This is a dangerous mission, and…

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