NY Times Buries Intercept Whistleblower’s Shocking Drone War Disclosures

For that slice of the American public that still depends heavily on major daily
newspapers as their main source of news, they might not even know that the on-line
publication The Intercept has published a package of alarming drone-assassination
articles based on secret military documents provided by an anonymous intelligence

These “Drone
” show, among other disclosures, that the U.S. government has been
lying about the number of civilian deaths caused by drone strikes in Afghanistan,Yemen
and Somalia. For every targeted individual assassinated, another five or six
non-targeted individuals are killed — giving the lie to the Obama administration’s
long-standing claims of careful, precision killing of specific targets in order
to avoid killing civilians.

The Intercept, relying on a cache of slides provided to it by its
whistleblower source, posted its package of eight articles on October 15, 2015.
Among those picking up on the stories was the Huffington Post (which
ran excerpts), and other outlets — including The Guardian, Newsweek,
New York Magazine, NPR,
the PBS NewsHour, CNN — which generally
cited some of The Intercept’s main findings or speculated about a “second
[Edward] Snowden” coming forth as a national security whistleblower.

As of this writing, the premiere mainstream publications that carry influence
beyond their own immediate readership in setting the nation’s news agenda —
The New York Times and The Washington Post — have carried
virtually nothing about what is in these explosive documents, which cover the
2011-2013 period. The documents show the inner workings, and the deadly failures,
of the Joint Special Operations Command’s targeted killing programs, a/k/a assassinations,
which President Obama signs off on.

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