Nuclear Power Bums, Bailouts and Bankruptcy

Photo by Mark Goebel | CC BY 2.0

Photo by Mark Goebel | CC BY 2.0

You have to hand it to the nuclear industry for socializing costs and privatizing profits. Last year, lobbyists for operators of dirty, deadbeat old reactors won massive public subsidies — bailouts — in New York and Illinois that will keep decrepit, retirement-age reactors from shutting down.

Instead of turning off the rattle traps — and investing public funds in renewables – state-sponsored electric ratepayer handouts in the two states will total $10 billion over 12 years. Remember Reagan’s mythical “welfare queens”? These utilities are welfare gods, propping up decrepit reactors by buying entire state legislatures that in turn legalize monthly electric bill increases.

In New York, the FitzPatrick reactor (Entergy Corp) and Nine Mile Point station (Exelon Corp) join the Ginna reactor in foisting rate hikes on customers, giveaways that will keep the failed reactors spewing “allowable” radioactive emissions to the air and water indefinitely.

Tim Knauss, reporting for the Syracuse Post-Standard wrote, “The once money-losing nuclear plants are now expected to add millions to the profits of parent company Exelon Corp.” The windfall for the dividend-earning class is considerable. A single large power reactor can draw $1 million in profit every month for the owners and shareholders.

In Illinois, the Clinton and Quad Cities reactors will be saved from the axe by a similar bailout engineered by Exelon Corp last December….

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  • hvaiallverden

    I can take NorDicks as an ex. all of them incl Finland have been wise, they have build their city’s blocks/parts around an central heating site, witch can use an variety of mas to make it burn in their steam reactors, and then you have the houses/blocks where this central heating is in place, this goes to much of Russia to.

    But Norway, since we had cheep electrical power, probably the only country in the world that is 100% renewable, aka water, and so on, witch lead us to electric powered heating systems, and tha goes to citys as well, Norway dont have the same system of central heating as the rest have.

    Bit somehow, the AGW scums dont like that, and now, we have windmills, the meat-grinders of the insane cargo cult AGWs wet dreams about renewable energy.
    And we have had an exponential rise in the bill, now its to cover an wast array of “green tech” scams to power up oil-rigs from land because they could have done it them selfs, but the AGW nuts wants them to go “green” instead of burning the excess gas witch is present basically everywhere in the oil drilling sea world, and that because of the second scam, CO2.
    So we use an hell of an lot of power to fuel something that could have done it them self.
    And now, we have excess and is stretching cables to the European mainland to They can go Green and we can by back Green, huh.
    All this industry/marked is new, its been forced upon us and we keep that “marked” living by an sky high rate in the power bill, incl net rent as the latest scam in Norway and is now 60-70% of my bill.

    Its an never ending spiral of legalized plundering where they create an marked by forcing us to pay for political stupidity’s and bonkers science.
    Why do you think in some country’s they have already and is planning to tax anyone whom goes Green by them self, like Solar panels, but my only thing against it for now, is crappy battery and crappy solar cell tech, period, we arent there yet.
    Do you understand this.
    No matter what, if we even plugged the cows, hehe, one volcano, just one, have already gone beyond our capacity to induce shit and shinnola (aka dust and Co2, methane and so on) into the world, than humanity have done since the stone age.
    Just one, do the f….. math not that I expect a lot in this common core days, but still, truth is right in front of you.

    Geothermal, why is that stone dead, tell me, an never ending source of heat and energy.
    And so on.

    Its just an scam, and now the globalist have gone “green” and somehow the AGW scums hail Nuks, yup, they love nuks, thats why we subsidize this rotten to the core sites.
    Instead of doing something that actually works.

    Sanity have gone down down the drains.


    • Disqus-helpsGOVTbreaklaws&kill

      Taxpayers Now Face Postal Union’s $100 Billion in Unfunded Liabilities.
      The postal union insists that nothing is wrong — nothing that a taxpayer funded bailout wouldn’t solve