NSA breached money-transfer system in Middle East and Latin America

The US National Security Agency has compromised users of a major international money-transfer system used by some financial institutions and banks in the Middle East and Latin America, a group of hackers says.

The Shadow Brokers hacking group claimed in a blog post on Friday that it had obtained files and data that show the agency accessed the SWIFT messaging system.

There is evidence “of the largest infection of a SWIFT Service Bureau to date,” researcher Matt Suiche, founder of UAE-based cyber security firm Comae and the Dubai cybersecurity conference OPCDE, wrote in a Medium post.

In addition, the group said it had breached the NSA’s databases, obtaining highly confidential tools used by the agency to steal people’s data.

The group directed its visitors to download a cache of codes that revealed previously undisclosed computer exploits—known as zero-day exploits—that experts said were capable of causing chaos on an international…

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