‘Not dead yet!’ Fox & Friends apologizes for airing premature Ginsburg obit — RT USA News

Fox & Friends has apologized profusely after accidentally airing a graphic memorializing the still-living Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg during prime Trump viewing hours.

The premature obituary aired for just a few seconds during Fox & Friends – reportedly one of President Donald Trump’s favorite shows – but the hosts insist there was nothing more at play than simple control-room blundering.

We don’t want to make it seem anything other than that was a mistake. It was an accident,” host Steve Doocy said. “We apologize, big mistake,” added Ainsley Earhardt.

The Fox hosts insist that Ginsburg is alive and well – or at least, alive and still recovering from pneumonia and lung cancer surgery, and presumably still healing the ribs she broke back in November after allegedly falling in her office.

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A source familiar with the inner workings of Fox & Friends told Mediaite that the show’s graphics team had merely switched the number of the Ginsburg obit – which featured a photo of the justice captioned “1933-2019” – with the number of another animation that was supposed to play as an introduction to Earhardt’s segment on campus culture. Honest mistake

While most media outlets claim Ginsburg is expected to make a full recovery from the pneumonia she developed following cancer surgery, the 85-year-old’s frail appearance and frequent absences have SCOTUS-watchers on the edge of their seats, and CNN’s insistence that she is “reading legal briefs and participating in cases by relaying her votes to the other justices” came across a bit strained. Ginsburg has canceled multiple public events this month and skipped at least three straight days of oral arguments for the first time in her lengthy career.

While she has never expressed any plans to retire, the Santa Monica Observer claims she had planned on doing just that later this month. 

Twitter had a field day with the goof.

Many seemed to think it wasn’t a mistake at all, either slamming Fox for wishful thinking…

…or claiming it was true after all

or offering their own bizarre theories.

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